Ansteuerung von Word

Ansteuerung von Word

Kopieren von Textblöcken mit InstantView®

Inserting of text into a word document:

If you want to copy a word document into another word document,
use either copy & paste or FormattedText (property of Selection and Range).

Example: There are two documents: srcDocument and dstDocument.
You want to copy srcDocument into dstDocument.

1) Put srcDocument at the end of dstDocument
   srcDocument Call(GetContent) -> srcRange  // srcRange holds the complete srcDocument as Range object

   dstDocument Call(GetContent) -> dstRange  // dstRange holds the complete dstDocument as Range object
   0 dstRange Call(Collapse)                 // shrink dstRange to the end
   srcRange dstRange Call(PutFormattedText)  // copy srcRange to dstRange and take care of format information
                                             // => appends srcRange to dstRange

   If you leave out 'Call(Collapse)', dstDocument will be replaced by srcDocument.

2) Put srcDocument at the current selection
   srcDocument Call(GetContent) -> srcRange  // see above

   dstDocument Call(GetAppliction) call(GetSelection) -> dstSelection  // gets the current selection (= cursor)
   0 dstSelection Call(Collapse)                                       // shrink the selection to the place after the current selection
                                                                       // => the cursor is placed directly after the current selection
   srcRange dstSelection Call(PutFormattedText)                        // inserts srcRange at the new cursor position

   Here 'Call(Collapse)' is important because Word does not copy correctly
   when dstSelection spans more than 0 characters.

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